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The Silverman Law Group is dedicated to providing top-quality criminal defense, whether you are facing statefederal, or U.S. military charges. We believe that you have the right to be heard in fair and impartial proceedings. It is the government’s obligation to respect your rights in all aspects of investigation, trial, punishment, and appeal.

If you are facing criminal charges, or believe that you are a “person of interest” to the local police, military authorities, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, or other authorities, it is important to talk with a qualified, experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your case and hope that you find this site useful in evaluating our capabilities, experience, and philosophy of practice.

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State vs. Caroline Callaway and Caroline Callaway. vs. City of Austin and Travis County

Caroline Callaway found not guilty of DWI in Travis County, Austin, Texas. Caroline was accused of DWI and taken to the Travis County jail for a blood draw. In a horrific tale from the dark ages, Deputies with the Travis County Sheriff’s office and Austin Police Officers strapped Caroline to a restraint chair, put a hood over her head preventing her from seeing and making it difficult for her to breath, held her with their hands and a dirty boot. When all else failed, deputies choked her until she almost lost consciousness. Daphne argued that the violence used should have made the test results inadmissible. The Judge allowed the test result into evidence, but the jury by finding Caroline not guilty must have found the results to be unreliable due to contamination of the sample that occurred while Caroline was being tortured by the police. Daphne has sued the City of Austin and Travis County in order to change the draconian torture procedures used by law enforcement to draw blood and to recover damages for Caroline’s torture.