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Attorney Profiles

Norman J. Silverman

According to his mother,  from the time he was old enough to speak, it was obvious that Norm Silverman was going to be a lawyer.  Norm attended Bellaire High School where he debated for the Bellaire Debate Squad –all three years qualifying for State.  At the University of Texas at Austin, Norm earned a double Bachelor's Degree in English and Philosophy.  Norm graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1993, passed the bar the same year, and was sworn in as a lawyer. 

In law school Norm participated vigorously in mock trial and moot court winning many competitions.  During law school, Norm worked as a lawyer at Schneider & Mckinney where he cut his teeth working on criminal appeals and post-conviction writ applications.  Norm was next employed by W.B. House  Jr. where in addition to appeals, he worked on pretrial motions and assisted Mr. House with trial preparation.  Upon passing the bar, Norm worked at Cogdell & Durham on both appeals and trials and began to develop his own practice as well.  When Herbert Coleman became ill Norm stepped him and assisted him with his practice.  Norm opened the Silverman Law Group in 1999 and so continues through the present day.

Norm Silverman has never been a prosecutor and has spent little time doing court appointed work. Along the way, Norm has built a reputation as a top notch drug lawyer, fearless in trial, who always puts his clients first.  Norm is a frequent lecturer for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and a well recognized author and expert witness on subjects related to the practice of drug defense.       

Daphne Pattison Silverman

Former Navy JAG Corps

Daphne Silverman is an experienced criminal trial attorney with over 19 years of experience advocating for individuals in state, federal, and military courts. She holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and successfully defended military defendants in the "Tailhook" trials and has received the Navy Achievement Medal for exceptional trial skill. As a private practitioner, Mrs.Silverman has handled over 200 felony criminal cases including capital murder, drug trafficking, and mail and wire fraud, reaching acquittals and dismissals in the majority of cases. Federal District Judge David Bramlette recently noted that "The legal community on the Gulf Coast--the lawyers, the judges and all others have the highest respect for you and your ability."