Daphne Pattison Silverman

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Former Navy JAG Corps

Daphne Silverman is an experienced criminal trial attorney with over 24 years of experience advocating for individuals in state, federal, and military courts. Daphne Silverman tries cases with heart, showing dedication  to justice for her clients whether that justice means proving their innocence, recovering damages for their suffering as a result of police misconduct or securing the lowest possible prison sentence.  She holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and successfully defended military defendants in the “Tailhook” trials and has received the Navy Achievement Medal for exceptional trial skill. As a private practitioner, Mrs.Silverman has handled over 200 felony criminal cases including capital murder, drug trafficking, and mail and wire fraud, reaching acquittals and dismissals in the majority of cases. Federal District Judge David Bramlette recently noted that “The legal community on the Gulf Coast–the lawyers, the judges and all others have the highest respect for you and your ability.”

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