Collaborative Law Space

Keeping with the unique spirit of Austin, the collaborative law space unites lawyers and legal workers from different fields of law in a shared space where attorneys can share knowledge and research pertaining to cases, creating an inspiring environment for practicing lawyers and fostering successful resolution of legal matters.

Lawyers with experience in criminal defense, civil rights, family law, corporatations, commercial litigation and  personal injury all practice law in the collaborative space.

The office is located in what we affectionately call the Penthouse suite in a series of old restored warehouses. Richard Kooris is a producer who bought his first warehouse in the 80’s. His vision was to provide an incubator for the entertainment industry. He took the open warehouse and turned it into a maze of hip spaces. Since that first purchase, he has purchased the rest of the block. Mr. Kooris’ “spaces have become a staple in the entertainment community. Production/editing companies, photographers, talent agencies, artists, musicians, fitness studios, boutique shops and entertainment professionals have all been coming to 501 Studios as an economic and unique solution for commercial office space.” Showing great support for the community, the spaces also house non-profits such the American Widow Project, Until we bring all of our sailors and soldiers home and focus on peace and human rights here in the United States, there will continue to be tragic deaths of our service men and women. The American Widow Project offers solace and connections to resources for those left behind.

Clients – call us with any of your legal needs, and we will let you know if we can refer you to a lawyer in the collaborative law space who can assist you with your legal needs.

Lawyers – would you like to join us? Practice in a hip office with modern furnishings and interesting art. Enjoy shared bilingual reception, conference room, and kitchen. If you are an attorney interested in learning more about the collaborative law space, please contact our office today.

Disclaimer –The lawyers in the collaborative law space are not partners or associates of the Silverman Law Group. They are independent law firms working in the same space, benefiting from the collaborative work environment. Silverman Law Group does not guarantee the work of the lawyers in the collaborative law space.