The Truth About Political Crimes

The present global environment has created a circular rotation from violence to fear resulting from that violence to violence resulting from fear. The circle is colored by world racism against Muslims. As a result of this phenomenon, the Silverman Law Group is focusing significant attention on crimes that relate to politics. To this end, Daphne Pattison Silverman is actively involved with the Occupy movement including establishing a Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild in Houston, inspiring lawyers to join the Guild and/or join the defense forces, and providing a defense to criminal charges lodged against occupiers. These charges range from Class C misdemeanors to state jail felonies. In addition, Mrs. Silverman created a blog for global discussion of political crimes and related issues. Click here to read blog entries and comments. In addition, these issues are discussed on Ms. Silverman’s facebook. Click here for the facebook link.

Mrs. Silverman’s defense of human rights and in particular the rights established by the first amendment has garnered local and national attention. She has appeared on several radio programs with KPFT 90.1, “The Human Rights Show” and “Occupy the Airwaves.”  Click here to listen to the Human Rights Show. Human rights advocates recognize her ability to inspire visions.

Y’all are an inspiration to so many of us.
We continue to engage in rallies, political actions, petitions, etc. in large part out of your commitments and boldness.
Some of us will be at the rally at 1PM today on City Hall steps about the “Corporate Tax Dodge”.
These actions are in some way the last bastion of Democracy left to us – Corporations and the 1% are currently in charge of our lives; but, we are not going quietly into the night.
Thanks again for all you do.
Robert Dubois
Houston Area Moveon Council

Daphne Silverman served on active duty and as a reservist in the United States Navy JAG Corps including serving as advisory counsel for the Naval Construction Battalion Center (Staff Judge Advocate) and trial counsel for the region around Mississippi while on active duty and as well as serving as a staff attorney under the Staff Judge Advocate at Strategic Command as a reservist after leaving active duty. Mrs. Silverman’s highest security clearance was SCI-DCID which necessarily encompasses top secret clearance. With this specialized background, Mrs. Silverman is particularly qualified to represent people charged with crimes related to politics including allegations of material support for terrorism cybercrime, and related military charges.

Crimes Related to Political Activities

The United States government has a long history of questionable surveillance of first-amendment protected activities.  Government agents have infiltrated and disrupted organizations ranging from peace groups to environmental groups and everything in between.   The emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its progeny has likely put into motion a new wave of intelligence-gathering in grass roots organizations and collectives across the country and beyond.  Acts of non-violent civil disobedience, politically targeted property destruction, or even a “radical” community discussion group could result in far-reaching criminal investigations and harassment.

Persons targeted by federal agents for political activities can be charged with any number of crimes.  These are a few:

  • Conspiracy – Click here to read the code and analysis of related case law.
  • Material Support—link in progress
  • False Statement—link in progress
  • Cyber crime—Anonymous
  • Military charges for potential federal crimes – based upon the new law signed by President Obama allowing the indefinite detention in military custody of United States citizens, we expect to see a rise in this field of law. We are in the process of researching the possible charges.

A Note on Civil Rights

If you have questions about whether you have been a victim of government surveillance or are currently under surveillance and/or investigation, please call us.  You do not have to wait to see if your name appears in an indictment or investigative report.  Arm yourself with information, exercise your First Amendment rights and always exercise your right to remain silent if questioned by agents of the state or federal government.

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